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Re-Everything Face, Hand & Body Lotion

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All-over gently exfoliating lotion. Cellular renewal, regeneration, microdermabrasion (unbuffered glycolic acid + kinetin growth factor), antioxidant (kinetin, green tea + rice phytic acid) + intensive hydrating glycerin anti-aging therapy for body skin.
  • Gentle enough for use as an interim facial moisturizer when slowly increasing application frequency of  Re-Everything Creams.
  • Notably smoother, firmer, rejuvenated skin with a subtle "post-peel glow" from head to toe.
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Amazing product. I don't know what I'd do without this.

I put off trying this for a long time because it's expensive (as far as my budget is concerned) and I assumed it would be one of those "beauty creams" that so many other companies make, which do little but make your wallet lighter. But at one point I got an unexpected sample of this, shrugged, and used it so it wouldn't be cluttering up my medicine cabinet. I used it once in the morning and once at night, no other products besides cleansing with micellar water. By day five or so I suddenly realized...holy cow, my skin looks amazing. Normally my skin was oily and dry at the same time, prone to reddening, very sensitive, and generally just kind of meh. But this product evened everything out, soothed and calmed my skin (which was a TOTAL surprise considering it has glycolic acid), and really did give me a dewy sort of glow. Better yet, it wasn't a temporary result...meaning my skin has not gotten "used" to the product and reverted to its previous state, or become dry and overcompensated with oil production, you know what I mean if this has happened to you in the past. I ended up buying a big tube the minute there was a sale, and have used it daily ever since. In short, I *love* this product and on my skin at least, it absolutely does what it says it does.

Debbie P.
Best lotion!

My dermatologist has been diligently helping to minimize my severe eczema. I started using Re-Everything cream. It works great to relieve itching and dry patches.

Love it!

Love it!



The Re-Everything lotion is a

The Re-Everything lotion is a staple of my beauty routine. It's strong enough to smooth and moisturize my skin during winter (face, knuckles, feet, you name it!), but light enough for summer.