Allergen-Free, Clinically-Sound Facials

All Skin Types. Fully Customized.

In-depth analysis, consultation and customization, relaxing face, neck, hand and foot massage, pore-opening steaming, light comedone extractions, and one of our special, invigorating, anti-inflammatory masks — each freshly mixed on site just for you.

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Cosmeceutical Booster Facials

Our popular SuperSkin Facials but using the active-ingredient products in your VMV Cosmeceutical Regimen plus special therapy-enhancing masks. Great power sessions (like booster shots) for your daily, at-home active therapy.

Anti-Aging Cosmeceutical Facial 60mins. $140

Our clinically-proven actives plus a high protein, skin-firming, intensive moisturizing, barrier-repair mask enhance your anti-aging regimen.

Brightening Cosmeceutical Facial 60mins. $140

Thorough removal of skin-dulling dirt plus a lightening, brightening mask bring your skin illumination to the next level.

Acne & Blemish Buster 60mins. $140

The serious muscle. Scours away dead cells and includes a thorough, meticulous comedone extraction. Completed with a healing, anti-inflammatory, oil-absorbing mask. Blemishes beware.

Coconut-Yerba Mate Antioxidant Facial 60mins. $140

This deep cleansing facial is a favorite among our male clientele for its customized hydration plus antimicrobial care, anti-inflammatory soothing, and a skin-energizing, youth-promoting, antioxidant boost. A plus: properly cleansed, softer skin helps promote a smoother, less bumpy, less irritating shave at home. Leaves skin clear, soft and revived. Man, handled with care.



Our Classic SuperSkin Facials

Our classic facials are forever-faves for their efficacy, safety, and bliss! Each includes a deeply-relaxing massage, pore-opening steaming, light comedone extraction, and some good, quality time with our special, on-site mixed tremendously refreshing mask.

Surf & Turf 60mins. $125

A balanced fusion of calming, softening moisture therapy (the surf) plus a thorough cleaning of blemishes (the turf!).

Club Scrub 60mins. $125

A real spring cleaning that gently yet thoroughly sloughs away excess sebum, curbs shine, and purges pores of acne-causing nasties.

Sweet Creams (in Xana“dew”) 60mins. $125

So superbly softening & soothing, you may break out in song. An incredibly rich, profound hydration treatment for stressed, very parched skin. Dry skin has met its muse.



“Skin-A-Jiffy” Interim Facials

Our Skin-a-Jiffies are quickie “aperitif” facials (we call them Fleet Treats, too) that can tide you over until your next full facial. Each of these “express-to-bliss” services features a light facial massage, expert toning, and a short session with one of our famous fresh masks. Massages not included.

Skin Picker-Upper 30mins. $65 

Clarifying & hydrating: perks up tired-looking skin.

Waltzing Matte-ilda 30mins. $65

Instant “matte-ification” that gets oily skin cool, clean and refreshed in smooth, simple steps.

All “Dew” Respect 30mins. $65

Dry skin gets its “dew”: softening & moisturizing. 



Add these services (and even some of our other treatments!) to further customise your visit.
Add-On Comedone 15 mins. $25
Add-On Face & Neck Massage 15 mins. $25
Collagen & Elastin Infusion 10 mins. $25
Spot $10-$50
Face $50
Chest $75

Skintensive Care 

The cavalry’s here. We compound our own original peels for purity and hypoallergenicity. Our procedures are unique in their gentleness and use of our validated hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory products to significantly increase comfort and safety, reduce redness and recovery...without sacrificing efficacy.

Anti-Aging, Intensive Moisturization, Repair

Youth, The Whole Youth & Nothing But The Youth. 75mins. $180 

Our ultimate anti-aging facial with an additional face massage prior to the application of our original (and unceasingly popular) elixir — the Anti-Aging Intensive Collagen & Elastin Infusion — on face and neck. A strengthening, high-protein mask ends the session.

This, most up-lift-ing facial helps renew skin’s softness, strength and elasticity, and leaves skin intensely hydrated, clearer, brighter and younger looking...glowing with renewed vibrancy. While not required, this treatment is ideal at day’s end for more trans-epidermal absorption time.



"Oh, So N-ice!" 60mins. $140 

Skin distress? Put redness on "nice." Soothes and relieves skin with redness, hyperreactivity, or sensitivities. Oh-so-gentle, calming &cooling. With reparative antioxidants and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. A "trooh" skin-saver.


Stress, Pampering, Anti-Inflammation

Let Down Your Stresses. 90mins. $180

Stress, Pampering, Anti-Inflammation
All Skin Types. Fully Customized.
The ultimate skindulgence. A deeper face, neck and shoulder massage on stress points plus a soothing Superskin Facial with the careful removal of stress blemishes (one tends to get them when frazzled). A relaxing hand & foot scrub then limb-by-limb massage deliver you to a state of blissful skinvana.


Hypoallergenic Gua Sha Facial 60mins. $110

Add-On Gua She Massage 20mins. $55

Facial Gua Sha (刮痧) differs from body Gua Sha in that it is gently sculpting and extremely relaxing. Our signature hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory formulations make this popular massaging treatment even safer and more beneficial to the skin, providing improved texture and tone while promoting relaxation.


Peels & Microdermabrasion 

Re-Everything Glycolic Acid Peel

First Peel 30mins. $110
Subsequent Peels 30mins. $95

Includes Take-Home Post-Peel Kit.

Rejuvenates and reduces signs of aging by increasing cell turnover rate, stimulating collagen production, lightening hyperpigmentation and diminishing fine lines. The peel also improves the appearance of large pores, targeting acne and unsightly comedones. Gives skin a renewed vibrancy and clarity.

Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial 60mins. $175

Talk about polish! Our perennial client-favorite SuperSkin Facial (customized to your skin type) with Microdermabrasion. This popular procedure uses natural diamond chips to gently polish and stimulate skin while vacuuming away dirt, pore-cloggers, and other debris. Helps reduce fine lines, hyperpigmentations, acne, and the appearance of large pores. Results in plumper, more supple, clearer, smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin.



Power Couples 

Peels and Microdermabrasion can be customized further to specific areas or combined with other procedures for multiple benefits.

SuperSkin Power Peel 60mins. $225

Our classic SuperSkin Facial with a Re-Everything Glycolic Acid Peel plus Diamond Microdermabrasion.

Ultimate Facial 60mins. $245

Our classic SuperSkin Facial with a Re-Everything Glycolic Acid Peel plus a Diamond Microdermabrasion and our Anti-Aging Intensive Collagen & Elastin Infusion.


Body “Dew”tiful 

All our body services feature our pure, published & awarded certified organic virgin coconut oil for unrivaled anti-inflammatory, soothing and intensive hydration.

Virgin Coconut Oil Scrubs, Wraps, Massages

“Oil” Aglow Hydrating Coconut Body Wrap 60mins. $125

Simply “dew”licious. An inconceivably relaxing, skin-softening wrap follows a full-body dry-brush exfoliation, customized cleansing and stress-targeted massages. Naps optional but likely.

Shoulder + Black Clarity

Answer Back. 60mins. $125

Our full-service Acne & Blemish Buster treatment but with sights set on troublesome “bacne”, blemishes and dull skin on the back.


Deeply Moisturizing Hand Repair. 30mins. $25

This relaxing, intensive hand hydration treatment includes our active anti-aging formulas plus concentrated, warmed immersion in our virgin coconut oil for maximum absorption and softening. Cuticles get coddled, too, for ultra-moisturized mitts from wrists to fingertips! Yummy as a 15-minute add-on service, too!


Hypoallergenic Sugaring

Delicate (delicious!) depilation. Our clinically- published coconut-derived antimicrobial soother preps skin for a simple sugar recipe “served” warm (never hot) that adheres only to hair (not live skin cells). This pain-reduced depilation is made even gentler with our calming anti-inflammatory remedies and isideal for skin prone to sensitivity, ingrown hair, or hyperpigmentations.


Hypoallergenic Waxing

Expert, safe, non-irritating hair removal and shaping that leaves skin clear, soft and smooth. Our clinically-proven anti-microbial, moisturizing + anti-inflammatory remedies help reduce redness & bumps.


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