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NOTE: In the unlikely case of a reaction, a 7-Day Skin Fast normally — over 98% of the time — results in clarity and the client's ability to use the products without a reaction. We would therefore recommend first stopping the use of ALL products for 7 days to help your skin get to a "baseline" state. If you would like to receive free samples for the Skin Fast, click here.

All our products' claims are clinically-proven through evidence-based: randomized, double-blind clinical trials both in vivo (on human volunteers) and in vitro. Many (over 75) of our studies have been published and presented (even awarded) in dermatology journals and conventions around the world. Our studies are so good, some of the largest multinational pharmaceutical and laser companies contract us to do their research for them. So you can rest assured that all our products have been tested appropriately and above what is considered standard in several regulatory bodies. We have less than 0.1% of reported reactions in over 30 years, and almost all of the reactions were due to incorrect use of the product, a cross reaction with another product, or an underlying irritation from other products that might have been chronic but not yet obvious. We can help you further with a detailed questionnaire (around 20 questions) or over the phone. Please let us know if you would like more assistance by contacting customer service.