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Hypoallergenic FAQs

What does "Hypoallergenic" mean?

Allergen omission: VH-Rating system

Using the fewest number of ingredients

Avoiding red flags

Avoiding allergenic naturals

Clinical testing

Post-market surveillance

Patch testing

Shipping FAQs

Are shipping and handling costs included in the product price?

Shipping notifications and delays

Shipping rates within the US and Canada

Shipping Rates on international orders

Shipping options

Duties and taxes

Items damaged by delivery

Allergen FAQs

What are allergens?

I have very allergy-prone or easily irritated skin...

Ingredients FAQ

Our Skingredients

How we test

Website FAQs

I received an email confirmation, why was my order not processed?

I sent an inquiry through Customer Service, why have I not heard from VMV?

I forgot my password, help!

I'm having problems checking out, what do I do?

Help, you still haven't answered my question!

VH-Rating FAQs

What is the VH-Rating System?

VH-Rating examples

Our commitment to reformulating when needed

Returns FAQs

General guidelines for returns

Exchange guidelines

Procedure for returns

Returns and exchanges for gifts

7-Day Skin Fast Samples

Shopping FAQs

Order and payment processing

Order tracking

What currency is reflected?

Price or product changes

Shopping online: Problems using VISA or MasterCard

Shopping online: Step-by-step guide

Sales and price reductions

Services FAQ

Can I purchase products from you to sell in my clinic or store?

Do you ship to my country?

Gift cards

Sampling program

Email newsletters

Customized Products FAQ

What are customized products?

Why is there a minimum order requirement?

Ordering process for customized products

Ordering process for customized products

Product Subscription FAQs

What does it mean to "subscribe" to a product?

How do I subscribe to a product?

What is the frequency of product subscriptions?

What products can I subscribe to?

What products can I subscribe to?

How will I get charged for my subscription?

How can I cancel my subscription?

I recently moved. How can I change the address for my subscription?

Do I need to register on your website to make a subscription?