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Grandma Minnie's Oh-So-Kind Nourishing, Softening Mommycoddling All-over Lotion


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Daily “dew” licious moisturizing, soothing & softening for even very dry, fussy, uncomfortable & sensitive skin of babies of all ages. Ultra-gentle yet effective. With virgin-coconut oil, coconut-derived monolaurin & antioxidant.

Mild + so creamy, this skin-safe lotion is ideal for babes of all ages:

  • Softens + soothes even very dry, sensitive skin from head to toe
  • Relieves mom-to-be's itchy belly
  • Gentle yet effective antibacterial disinfection + antioxidant benefits.
  • Daily prevention of infections
  • Helps mollify irritated skin + clear rashes.
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Mary N.
I love the product, but,

I love the product, but, I often find that it is out of stock. In addition, you have changed the form that the products delivery system. The pump is much more convenient for dispensing with one hand while keeping baby still. Why change???

VMV Hypoallergenics

Hi Mary! Thanks for writing in! We are always striving to look for ways on how we can improve: we find your comment very helpful and are thankful for it! We are happy to hear that you love this product but apologize because it flies off the shelves quickly! Between several FDA changes in different markets, we have found ourselves challenged with creating formulations and labels that work for most countries. While many Asian, Latin American and European standards have been harmonized over the years so that if a product is compliant in one country’s FDA, the same regulations apply in other countries (not all, but enough to enable us to make packaging and formulations that work in most), the US has specific requirements for some products that are unique, and we are not yet in a position where we can produce products just for the USA. The operative word is YET :blush: (we are working hard, hard, hard to get there!) The good news is that only about 20 of our over 400 products will continue to be delayed in the USA; the bad news is that they include our antiperspirants and sunscreen variants. We are so sorry because we know how much so many of our customers in the US need certain formulations that we make and can assure you that we are leaving no stone unturned in getting all our products to the US as quickly as possible. As well, we apologize that you find the new product tube inconvenient to use! The supplier of the previous packaging increased its price to a point that would have made this product significantly more expensive. While we know we can charge a premium for our products based on claims and quality, and while some products can be on the costly side due to the specificity of ingredients and the cost of clinical studies, we try to keep our products affordable, particularly for adults and babies with uncomfortable skin conditions. That said, we loved that bottle, too, and will forward your comments to our team so we can keep a lookout and so that we can continue to improve! We hope this has been helpful. Please let us know how else we may be able to assist you. Skincerely, VMV HYPOALLERGENICS

Very effective in healing baby's

Very effective in healing baby's eczema and keeping baby's skin healthy.

Great lotion. The only problem

Great lotion. The only problem is the packaging, it doesn't squeeze out of the mini so just have to open the cap.

VMV Hypoallergenics

Hi Nicole! Thanks for writing in! We are always striving to look for ways on how we can improve: we find your comment very helpful and are thankful for it! We are happy to hear that you love Grandma Minnie's Mommycoddling All-Over Lotion but apologize that the bottle makes the lotion hard to press out. Packaging at VMV can be a challenge. Many of our product contain active ingredients that are incompatible with several packaging materials. In addition, we aim to use products that are free of allergens (such as dyes) and other harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde-releasing linings, phthalates, etc. Add to that our desire to select environmentally friendlier materials and sourcing packaging can be daunting. Thank you very much for letting us know ‰ÛÓ we'll be forwarding it immediately to our packaging development team ‰ÛÓ as this feedback helps us improve. Skincerely, VMV HYPOALLERGENICSå¨

i love this stuff....cant say

i love this stuff....cant say enoigh good things about it! Highly recommend!

Love it! I have a

Love it! I have a severe case of Contact Dermatitis and Granma Minnie's Mommycoddling lotion is THE BEST! They're testing is thorough and complete. I've NEVER had a negative reaction to this lotion and I've been using it for 3+ years. Love them!