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What is a Patch Test?

A patch test is a method used by dermatologists to determine if specific substances cause allergic reactions to your skin. If you suspect that your skin is becoming sensitive or if you've been diagnosed with allergic contact dermatitis and/or atopic dermatitis, your skin needs to go under a patch test. You can contact your local dermatologist to undergo a patch test.

Sensitive About Your Skin Care?

Let us help! Send us your patch test results and we'll give you a customized list of VMV products safe for you to use. Simply select the department "Need help with your patch test results?". This way, your skinquiry is routed directly to the appropriate department and we can better track our correspondence history. While we'll always try to respond as quickly as possible, on average, you can expect our response within 24-48 hours during the regular business week


Please Note:  While we can suggest products that do not contain your allergens or cross reactants, you can still experience a reaction. This may occur if you are sensitive to an ingredient which is not yet considered an allergen, and therefore was not included in the patch test tray used for you. Allergic reactions may also be caused by other products you may already be using, and which contain allergens or cross reactants (or other irritants) that you may not be aware of. In such cases, it is possible that an irritation may already be occurring but is too subtle to notice, and any new product applied (even one you are not allergic to) may worsen the reaction. Our recommendations are based only the available information at hand and which you provided but does note discount the possibility of other factors which may trigger an allergic reaction. Thus, a decision to purchase should be made individually and always consider the possibility of the presence of other factor/circumstances which may be unique to you. Should you experience an allergic reaction, please contact us so we can assist you further.

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