We follow safety regulations and want our staff and customers to be safe.

You may experience longer delivery times due to our leaner team and some limitations of couriers.

You may also experience delays in responses to your questions. We’re not going anywhere...but because there are fewer of us (and our responses are handled personally) it can sometimes take us a bit longer to get back to you.


Because the COVID pandemic has affected many steps in our supply chain, including packaging material availability, some products are temporarily shipping without their "overcoats" (the individual box) or with other “moments” (such as “not for resale” printed on them). These are the same trusted formulations but in slightly-less-polished outfits (like us working from home). All of the FDA-required information (ingredients, instructions, cautions, and how to get help) are on the primary container itself, and the product is well protected when packed for shipping.

We have made the decision to continue serving these products because the imperfection is purely external, without any impact on the actual formulation (we would not ship if the problem were with the formulation itself). Because many suppliers have had to shut down completely during quarantine, we do not know how long the wait for a replacement box or sticker would take — and we know how urgent our clients' needs are.


We are not able to accept returns at this time. Contact us here for assistance with your product or order concerns.


You may notice some of our products being sold in new ways, such as in a certain chat or social network group, or by our employees on their personal social media accounts.

We have approved many of these new outlets in order to help get our products into the hands of those who need them the most, to help our customers get quicker access to answers and assistance from people we trust, and in order to help our employees out as well.

But always make sure you are purchasing from an authorized VMV agent or reseller. Ask us if you’re not sure.


We follow the rules. Our physical stores will remain closed until the government allows us to re-open and we feel that it is safe to do so.

All of our places of work follow strict sanitation and disinfection protocols, from temperature checks and health declarations, to a more rigorous disinfection procedure that includes face washing, monolaurin, and virgin coconut oil, social distancing, regular disinfection throughout the day, and the use of PPEs.

Because what we know about this virus and government, state, and city rules are changing daily, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter (enter your email at the bottom of this page), and to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so that you don’t miss our announcements about our operations, specials, and other news. You can also ask us a question here.