At VMV HYPOALLERGENICS®, our dedication to providing wow-inducing service extends to creating customized products that fit your body's chemistry. We try to create products that won't trigger reactions for anyone, but we know that each person has their own unique biology. Some people may be allergic to substances that aren't considered allergens. If you have a unique allergy that prevents you from enjoying our products, we'll formulate a new one just for you.

Getting a Custom Product

First, we'll need the results of your patch test. You can get a patch test done at your local dermatologists (learn more here). Once we have your patch test, we can begin formulating a product that avoids all the substances that trigger a reaction on your skin. From then on, we'll determine if your customized product requires Basic Customization or Advanced Customization.

Basic vs. Advanced

Both Basic and Advanced Customization require extra fees in order to pay for sourcing, reformulation, and testing costs of customization.

Basic Customization costs $70. It usually entails us taking an existing formula and making slight modifications. For example: taking a lipstick and removing a reactive ingredient without changing the color or shade.

Advanced Customization costs $100. This fee covers the cost of formulating, sourcing, testing, and shipping of 2 samples. Advanced Customizations may create entirely new products, or require enough modifications of existing products to warrant complex reformulation or sourcing of ingredients.

Can I Reorder Custom Products?

Of course you can! Some products may require reorder fees (remember, customization costs money on each product run), but we will work closely with you to make sure that you get your custom VMV products as soon as you need them.

Learn more about customized products in our FAQ!