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4 Reasons You Need Spa Hour

A spa hour can seem inessential when compared to other big wellness tips — more of a splurge than a legitimately healthy thing to do. But make no mistake: this bliss can do so much for you. It turns out that a spa hour a month (or a week) might be one of the most efficient things you can do for your overall health in terms of both the number of proven benefits and the importance of those benefits.

Essence Skin-Saving Stay Fresh-ener

Essence Skin-Saving Stay Fresh-ener


Versatile stay-fresh-&-clean solution for feet, palms, back, plus “between-&-under” places like the under-bra, underarms, behind-the-thighs, scalp, under-beard, and other external areas that you feel need freshening up. With calmers, coolers, cleaners + softeners like coconut- derived monoglycerides and glycerin. Ideal even for sensitive skin. Quick-drying. With skin-safe silicones for excellent adhesion.


150 mL (5 Fl. Oz.)


I just got a patch test and can’t use anything! Can you customize
recommendations based on my patch test results
?" Absolutely: it’s what we “dew” best!

Selecting products that don’t have your allergens can be overwhelming (especially if the list is long…and we’ve seen some long ones!) but we can help! Share your allergens with us and we'll customize recommendations for skincare, makeup, and whatever else you're interested in based on your specific patch test results, including possible cross reactants! Click here to get started, or give us a call at (212) 217 2762.

Haven't yet gotten a patch test but have sensitive skin? The majority of our products contain as few as possible (often zero) of all 109 common allergens. Our unique VH-Rating System allows you to shop safely by showing you which formulations have zero allergens, and which contain an allergen (which are highlighted in the Ingredients so you can check if their your allergens). How successful have we been? A published paper shows less than 0.1% reported reactions in over 30 years.

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